Banksy in New Orleans

Photo source. In my reading about “Exit Through the Gift Shop” I’ve learned that Banksy paid a visit to post-Katrina New Orleans. You can find all sorts of images on Flickr and I think my favorite is the time-lapse photo above.  When you see other photographs of the same mural (is that what I shouldContinue reading “Banksy in New Orleans”

Brief review: “Exit through the Gift Shop.” 4 stars.

As unconventional a communicator as street artist Banksy is, his documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” follows the classic form of persuasion: [quote] Tell the audience what you’re going to say, say it; then tell them what you said. — Dale Carnegie [/quote] We are quickly told that the true subject of the documentary is theContinue reading “Brief review: “Exit through the Gift Shop.” 4 stars.”