Pale Blue Dot

Yesterday, the Cassini spacecraft turned its camera back to earth in an attempt to capture an image of Earth through Saturn’s vast rings.  The shot is a tribute to Voyager 1’s famous photograph of Earth as a “pale blue dot” set against a vast and empty sky. Of course, the term “pale blue dot” was coined byContinue reading “Pale Blue Dot”

Of coffee rings and ballistic deposition

A friend mine shared a gorgeous video show how coffee rings form at a microscopic level. Apparently he found the video through a impressive blog called Empirical Zeal that’s maintained by a Physics grad student. The blog post, entitled “The Universal laws behind growth patterns, or what Tetris can teach us about coffee stains,” doesContinue reading “Of coffee rings and ballistic deposition”

Landing on Mars looks somewhat difficult

NASA’s newest Mars rover, Curiosity, is apparently the size of a compact car and is due to land August 5. This has got to be the best promotional video I’ve ever seen for anything: “Challenges of Getting to Mars: Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror” Unfortunately, this may be our last rover for a long time.Continue reading “Landing on Mars looks somewhat difficult”