Last week I participated in a show addressing sexual violence called CockTales, written and produced by Whitney Mackman. The show was originally conceived as a counterpoint to the Vagina Monologues, with the spin being that participants read a collection of monologues and dialogues mostly written by men that address toxic masculinity and its role in theContinue reading “CockTales”

And now for something completely different …

Today I began my one month foray into Academic Advising.  Rather than picking up a summer teaching course, I decided to step out of the academic cocoon that is the math department to see what else is going on around the university.  It turns out there’s quite a bit. UF’s Preview program has been recognized asContinue reading “And now for something completely different …”

Nolapalooza, 2013

Last night at Chelsea’s Cafe in Baton Rouge, the Barefoot Pedals Foundation hosted our second annual celebration of the life and legacy of a dear friend, Jeff Nola.  As before, the feature event was a fantastic show by Questionable at Best,  a band that Jeff formerly played with featuring fellow Barefoot Pedals board member BenContinue reading “Nolapalooza, 2013”

Thinking of everyone back home

Well, Isaac seems to have picked the worst possible path that a Category 1 storm can take.  It came in just south of New Orleans, causing flooding of the Mississippi just south of the city, and then decided to just sit there.  Normally a tropical storm force winds might have somewhat limited damage, but 40Continue reading “Thinking of everyone back home”

Gainesville: Rainbow World shouts down Dove World

The night began as most do with a threat of rain combined with a searing sun.  Given the right angle, you can regularly find a brilliant rainbow. Scurrying through the sprinkles, I made it to my favorite downtown food spot, Lunchbox, which specializes in Latin and Asian-style tacos. I’m partial to the fried flounder whenContinue reading “Gainesville: Rainbow World shouts down Dove World”

Some unsolicited advice on creativity

I recently came across this great quote from Ira Glass concerning the early stages of creative work. [quote style=”boxed”]Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me. All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste. But there is this gap. For the firstContinue reading “Some unsolicited advice on creativity”