MathBio: Gearing up for Test 2

If you a looking for problems to work on to prepare for Midterm 2, this post will be the place to look.  This will be updated several times over the next few days. Challenge problems for discrete-time systems. Solutions to the important parts of the Horseshoe Crab project are written up here: Horseshow crabs 1a  Continue reading “MathBio: Gearing up for Test 2”

MathBio: Midterm 2, Wednesday, April 2

Our second midterm will be Wednesday April 2.  The test will cover topics from Chapters 3 and 4. More details will be posted soon, but the main theme is: Qualitative Analysis of two-dimensional systems in both discrete and continuous time. A non-exhaustive list of topics includes: Biological Modeling concepts Age-structured models (e.g., Juvenile-Adult) Epidemic modelsContinue reading “MathBio: Midterm 2, Wednesday, April 2”