And now for something completely different …

Today I began my one month foray into Academic Advising.  Rather than picking up a summer teaching course, I decided to step out of the academic cocoon that is the math department to see what else is going on around the university.  It turns out there’s quite a bit. UF’s Preview program has been recognized asContinue reading “And now for something completely different …”

Nolapalooza, 2013

Last night at Chelsea’s Cafe in Baton Rouge, the Barefoot Pedals Foundation hosted our second annual celebration of the life and legacy of a dear friend, Jeff Nola.  As before, the feature event was a fantastic show by Questionable at Best,  a band that Jeff formerly played with featuring fellow Barefoot Pedals board member BenContinue reading “Nolapalooza, 2013”

238,900 miles … for now

  NPR’s Radiolab came in with a wonderful birthday present this week.  This week’s podcast is a brilliant reading of one of my favorite short stories:  The Distance of the Moon by Italo Calvino. If you’ve got a 30+ minute drive coming up, I highly recommend you download it here and take a listen! Yes, theContinue reading “238,900 miles … for now”

Of coffee rings and ballistic deposition

A friend mine shared a gorgeous video show how coffee rings form at a microscopic level. Apparently he found the video through a impressive blog called Empirical Zeal that’s maintained by a Physics grad student. The blog post, entitled “The Universal laws behind growth patterns, or what Tetris can teach us about coffee stains,” doesContinue reading “Of coffee rings and ballistic deposition”

Voting theory makes an appearance in papal politics

As usual, my energy for posting to social media waxes and wanes.  The last six months have been extremely strained in terms of having any leftover energy to do anything other than throw occasional links up on Twitter or Facebook. With three (long overdue) papers set to be submitted in the next two weeks, IContinue reading “Voting theory makes an appearance in papal politics”