Simons Foundation public lecture

On April 7, I will be giving a public lecture for the Simons Foundation, sharing a few of my favorite ideas on microparticle movement in biological fluids. A familiar looking abstract, but I’m excited to announce some new work as well! “Simons Foundation Lectures are free public colloquia related to basic science and mathematics. TheseContinue reading “Simons Foundation public lecture”


Last week I participated in a show addressing sexual violence called CockTales, written and produced by Whitney Mackman. The show was originally conceived as a counterpoint to the Vagina Monologues, with the spin being that participants read a collection of monologues and dialogues mostly written by men that address toxic masculinity and its role in theContinue reading “CockTales”

Online resource: The Analysis of Data

This came across my desk this morning: The author is former professor of Computer Science named Guy Lebanon, who is now, according to his website the Director of Product Innovation at Netflix.  The text appears to be very rigorous and is notable because he goes all the way from first principles to Limit TheoremsContinue reading “Online resource: The Analysis of Data”

Stem Cell Paper Accepted

Congratulations are in order for Vin Cannataro today.  The research paper stemming from the second chapter of his dissertation was accepted today by Evolutionary Applications. The Evolutionary Trade-off between Stem Cell Niche Size, Aging, and Tumorigenesis Vincent L. Cannataro, Scott A. McKinley, Colette M. St. Mary Many epithelial tissues within large multicellular organisms areContinue reading “Stem Cell Paper Accepted”

Things I should have done during Spring Break …

“The dangerous, beautiful life of a Lego minifig photographer.” UK-based photographer Andrew Whyte specializes in dramatic light art and long exposures of the night sky, but some of his most striking work involves helping an inch-high fellow photographer get a good shot. For over a year, Whyte has been shooting what he calls the “Legography”Continue reading “Things I should have done during Spring Break …”

Baseball and the Bull City

Before I lived here in Gainesville, I spent four years in Durham, NC. I lived downtown in a converted tobacco warehouse and could walk to minor league baseball games on a whim. This article in Slate brought back some great memories. “Capturing the Quiet Beauty of Baseball” The idea for the project came a fewContinue reading “Baseball and the Bull City”