Invasion Probabilities paper accepted

Congratulations to Becky Borchering! The research paper stemming from the second chapter of her dissertation was accepted today. This paper has a fun working title that we always joke about in the Stochastics Lab. Originally, we expected this to be an easy project — almost too trivial to write up as a research article. IContinue reading “Invasion Probabilities paper accepted”

Stem Cell Paper Accepted

Congratulations are in order for Vin Cannataro today.  The research paper stemming from the second chapter of his dissertation was accepted today by Evolutionary Applications. The Evolutionary Trade-off between Stem Cell Niche Size, Aging, and Tumorigenesis Vincent L. Cannataro, Scott A. McKinley, Colette M. St. Mary Many epithelial tissues within large multicellular organisms areContinue reading “Stem Cell Paper Accepted”