Stochastics: Midterm Exam, Wednesday Feb 26

This is your reminder that the course midterm is coming up soon.  It will be in-class and closed book (and closed notes).  You will not be allowed to use a calculator. The midterm material will include everything we have covered in class from Durrett, Chapter 1. Definitions, Statements of Theorems, Examples, Counterexamples: 50%. Problem Solving:Continue reading “Stochastics: Midterm Exam, Wednesday Feb 26”

Stochastics: Suggested Problems for Exam 1

Getting things kicked off on the new website. Here is a list of interesting problems to try from Durrett’s book.  Please use the comments feature to ask questions and to start discussions about these problems. I’ll chime in whenever I can. Stationary distributions and limit distributions 1.20, 1.25, 1.38, 1.41, 1.44 Random walks on graphsContinue reading “Stochastics: Suggested Problems for Exam 1”