Stochastics: Take home test problem, due Thursday at 5pm in LIT 460

We shuffle a deck by the following method: Take the top card off the top of the deck and place back into the deck in a position chosen uniformly at random. It is allowable that the top card will be put directly on top again. Let denote the position of the Queen of Hearts atContinue reading “Stochastics: Take home test problem, due Thursday at 5pm in LIT 460”

Stochastics: Midterm Exam, Wednesday Feb 26

This is your reminder that the course midterm is coming up soon.  It will be in-class and closed book (and closed notes).  You will not be allowed to use a calculator. The midterm material will include everything we have covered in class from Durrett, Chapter 1. Definitions, Statements of Theorems, Examples, Counterexamples: 50%. Problem Solving:Continue reading “Stochastics: Midterm Exam, Wednesday Feb 26”