Stochastics and Movement in Living Systems

The last twenty years have seen a revolution in tracking data of biological agents across unprecedented spatial and temporal scales. An important and ubiquitous observation from these studies is that path trajectories of living organisms are often poorly described by the universality class of stochastic models broadly represented by classical Brownian motion. To abuse aContinue reading “Stochastics and Movement in Living Systems”

Gainesville: Rainbow World shouts down Dove World

The night began as most do with a threat of rain combined with a searing sun.  Given the right angle, you can regularly find a brilliant rainbow. Scurrying through the sprinkles, I made it to my favorite downtown food spot, Lunchbox, which specializes in Latin and Asian-style tacos. I’m partial to the fried flounder whenContinue reading “Gainesville: Rainbow World shouts down Dove World”

Banksy in New Orleans

Photo source. In my reading about “Exit Through the Gift Shop” I’ve learned that Banksy paid a visit to post-Katrina New Orleans. You can find all sorts of images on Flickr and I think my favorite is the time-lapse photo above.  When you see other photographs of the same mural (is that what I shouldContinue reading “Banksy in New Orleans”